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Our mission is clear – make it simple for businesses & marketing professionals to unleash the power of story-driven video content with minimal effort. Put our expertise & process into action and sit back while we do the heavy lifting for you.

Meet our team provides the perfect blend of imagination, digital know-how, flair, and expertise to take your video project from concept through to reality.

Meet the team.

Headshot photo of head of production Brandon
Brandon de Wys
Head of Production
Headshot photo of head of post-production Joel
Joel Barnett
Head of Post Production
Headshot photo of video editor Cass
Cass Hunter
Editor ‍
Headshot photo of video production assistant Kat
Kat Palette
Production Assistant ‍
Three men and one woman setting up a video production set

This isn’t our first rodeo.

We’ve been in this game for a while. Our team’s 30+ years of combined production prowess means that you get a video with unparalleled quality. Our videos are visually impressive, engagingly effective, and ultimately drive your business objectives forward – so viewers don’t just like it; they act on it!

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Our process.

01. Exploration Call

Let’s explore together! Have you ever thought about how much potential lies in a simple conversation? Jump into a call with us and we’ll uncover potential solutions your existing problems.

During our complimentary, commitment-free exploration call, we’ll delve into your objectives and obstacles to design a customized video project for maximum impact. Take advantage of the potential of video production to drive your success – schedule your call today!

02. Concept Development

When it comes to video production, concept development gets the creative juices flowing! This is where a video’s framework or blueprint is crafted – from exploring how to communicate the message more effectively, to choosing the visuals that give it that perfect look and feel.

When you have a clear understanding of what your video needs in order to achieve its goals, you’ll have something truly special on your hands.

03. Video Production

It’s time to bring your project to life! We’ll roll up our sleeves, plan, and shoot the production. Once everything has been captured, our talented team of editors layer on special touches like animation, sound design & a splash of colour to bring everything together – creating an eye-catching finished product worthy of any market!

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