Awaken – Bendigo Brought to Light
TVC for the Awaken - Bendigo Brought to Light Event
Bendigo Tourism
CREATIVE Agency Media Group

Bendigo Tourism invited us to shine a light (literally!) on the magnificent stories of Bendigo with an awe-inspiring laser and light show in Rosalind Park.

The “Awaken” event had never been seen before and the Bendigo Tourism team wanted a commercial that showcased its magnificence. With no previous footage on hand – no easy task!

Undaunted, we were ready to rise up and make it happen with an exciting mix of footage we shot from locations in the park and some test footage supplied by the company behind Awaken.

Using some clever tricks we replicated elements such as the “River of Gold” laser display while also superimposing stunts like talking trees onto Rosalind Park’s lush greenery, all to make it look like this event was already here.

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