Bendigo Easter Festival 2023
Wrap-up video for Bendigo Easter Festival 2023
City of Greater Bendigo
CREATIVE Agency Media Group

The Bendigo Easter Festival 2023 presented an exciting challenge for – our task was to encapsulate the essence of the weekend’s activities and events in a wrap-up video, showcasing the vibrant festivities for those who missed out and enticing others to join in the fun next year. Collaborating closely with our client, the City of Greater Bendigo, we eagerly set off on a thrilling three-day filming adventure over the Easter long weekend.

Equipped with two camera operators, we adopted a dual approach – one with a handheld setup for agile and swift shots, and another with a gimbal for capturing sweeping movements. Our mission was to keep the camera moving as much as possible, imbuing the footage with a sense of energy and dynamism that would make the final edit truly captivating.

Despite the time pressure, our dedicated team worked tirelessly to turn around the edit in just a couple of days following the long weekend. We poured our creativity and passion into every aspect of the project, ensuring the final product would resonate with the audience and showcase the best of the Bendigo Easter Festival.

When we presented the final edit to the City of Greater Bendigo, their delight was unmistakable. We believe our skillful capture of the festival’s lively and energetic spirit, and that we exceeded the client’s expectations

Check out the final product below

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