Your Wine Journey Awaits
Brand videos to advertise the Bendigo wine region
Bendigo Wine
Tough Cookie Marketing
2023 recently partnered with the Bendigo Winegrowers Association and Tough Cookie Marketing to elevate the profile of Bendigo’s wine region. The project aimed to capture the essence of the region’s wine and food culture, showcasing the people, locations, and experiences that make it unique.

Our team embarked on a three-day filming spree across eight different wineries, capturing the passion and dedication of the winegrowers and the allure of the cellar door experiences. The project culminated in the creation of a 70-second brand video and three hype reels, each telling a unique story of the wine-making process and the region’s offerings.

The main brand video, complemented by a female voiceover, painted a vivid picture of the Bendigo wine region, likening its charm to the tasting notes on the back of a wine bottle. The hype reels, on the other hand, took viewers on a journey from dawn to dusk, showcasing the meticulous process of wine-making and the joy of wine experiences.

The tagline, “Your Bendigo Wine Journey Awaits,” encapsulated the spirit of the campaign, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the region’s wine culture.

Despite the challenges of coordinating shoots across multiple locations and dealing with last-minute changes in talent, the team successfully delivered the project on time. We extended the shoot by an additional day and conducted a quick pick-up to capture the perfect shot in front of the Bendigo Alexandra Fountain, ensuring that the essence of the Bendigo wine region was captured in the best light.

The final videos were well-received by the client and the marketing agency, reflecting the region’s wine culture in an engaging, modern, and warm tone. As the Bendigo wine journey continues to unfold, is proud to have played a part in promoting this vibrant region and its passionate winegrowers.

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