CFA – Grassfires
Social Media Videos
Country Fire Authority (CFA)
The Fuel Agency

We partnered with the Country Fire Authority (CFA) to create an informative video campaign aimed at promoting preparation and fire safety in grassfire-prone areas. The project included two 30-second video spots, each tailored for both widescreen and portrait orientations.

A key challenge was shooting footage suitable for both aspect ratios and finding locations that met the client’s requirements while clearly showcasing important details. Utilizing drone videography and integrating 3D-tracked motion graphics, we crafted engaging visuals. We also developed adaptable graphics templates, allowing the CFA to create alternative versions for different languages.

The final videos were used in the CFA’s paid social media advertising, helping to spread crucial fire safety messages to the community. Our approach ensured the delivery of clear, engaging, and culturally adaptable content, meeting the client’s goals of fostering a well-prepared community against grassfire threats.

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