Heathcote – Brand
Social media video to promote Heathcote as a brand
Bendigo Tourism
Vid.co Media Group

The team at Bendigo Tourism wanted to show just how special the Heathcote region is, so they approached us with a request: create a video that shows why Heathcote should be voted the Top Tourism Town.

We filmed over two days capturing moments of a journey through Heathcote. We shot early risers from local winemakers and bakers starting their day, then followed eager tourists as they explored natural wonders before ending with a glass of locally-crafted wine.

The result? Not only did viewers get swept away by stunning visuals but more importantly; news soon came back that their application impressed judges and had made them a finalist for the Victorian Top Tourism Town competition 2022… mission accomplished!

Check out the director’s cut of the spot below.

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