Life’s Not The Same Without You
TVC to help promote volunteers going back to work after the pandemic
City of Greater Bendigo
CREATIVE Agency Media Group

After the Covid lockdowns, it became increasingly hard for Bendigo’s charities and not-for-profits to keep up with their workload due to a lack of volunteers returning. To tackle this issue head-on, Greater Bendigo City Council called us in to create an engaging video that would encourage local volunteers back into action!

One main element of the brief was to make sure that it was entertaining, and not just an ordinary public service announcement-style video.

Working closely with the staff at the City of Greater Bendigo we came up with a fun, lighthearted concept. We wanted to show the viewers what life could be like if our volunteers weren’t around by presenting hysterical and absurd scenarios as a result. We would then reveal the punch line: ‘Things just aren’t the same without our volunteers’ and show shots of them returning to save the day, emphasising just how essential they are!

The spot was released on TV & Cinema and shared across social media platforms – It truly resonated with the local community – with some of the actors being stopped on the street after being recognised – talk about success!

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