White Night Bendigo 2022
A series of short event videos for Visit Victoria during White Night 2022
Visit Victoria
Vid.co Media Group

From the great minds at Visit Victoria came a challenge like no other – Our mission was to capture the colourful vibrancy of White Night Bendigo and turn it into a visual masterpiece. Our challenge: fit that magical night, with all its artistry and captivating creativity, into five promotional sizzle reels – shot and delivered within 24 hours!

Armed with our trusty camera and production crew (our brave trio!), we set out on this daring endeavour – an adventure for the books if ever there was one. And though at times sleep-deprived from editing until sunrise, these amazing promos speak for themselves as testament to what can be achieved when you have both immense talent & passion driving your work forward!

Check out some of the video content we created below!

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