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Faucet Strommen

Faucet Strommen, known for their exquisite bathroom and kitchen fixtures, sought to elevate their brand through video storytelling, something they had never explored before. The ambition was to produce four distinct videos: two product showcases, an in-house machining brand video, and an Ultrabrass lead-free brand video. The challenge was to convey the luxury and sophistication of their products while working within the confines of a warehouse setting and small, constructed sets.

The Challenge

Transforming the industrial environment of a warehouse and the limitations of small, constructed sets into a narrative of elegance and luxury posed a significant challenge. The project demanded a creative approach to make the machinery and production processes look cinematic and the products to be displayed in an environment that mirrored their high-end quality.

The Solution

Vid.Co employed meticulous lighting techniques to highlight the beauty of the machining processes, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance. Advanced AI technology was utilized for set extension in the product videos, making the limited spaces appear grand and luxurious. Painstaking efforts in paint and rotoscoping were also applied to enhance the realism of the sets, such as creating flawless marble backgrounds, ensuring that every detail contributed to the narrative of luxury.

The Outcome

The result was a suite of four videos that not only significantly boosted Faucet Strommen’s online presence but also beautifully narrated the brand’s story of elegance and quality. The videos were lauded for their ability to transform ordinary spaces into realms of luxury, effectively reflecting the brand’s high standards. We exceeded the clients expectations and were extremely happy with the final product.

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