Locally Grown Cooking
3 x Social Media Recipe Videos in Portrait and Landscape
Healthy Loddon Campaspe

We collaborated with Healthy Loddon Campaspe to create the “Locally Grown Cooking” project, with the goal of promoting local produce and healthy eating through recipe cooking videos.

Despite a tight budget, our team produced three distinct social media videos, each available in widescreen and portrait formats for optimal viewing on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We employed a mix of top-down timelapse and high-speed slow-motion cameras, enriched with custom motion graphics, to showcase the step-by-step creation of wholesome recipes using locally sourced ingredients.

These videos not only highlighted the simplicity and appeal of cooking with local produce but also helped our client extend their message of sustainability and healthy living to a wider online audience. Through this project, we were able to blend visual storytelling with educational content, stirring up community support for local growers while encouraging a nutritious diet.

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